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A gift opens the way and ushers the giver

into the presence of the great.

Proverbs 18:16


All of Our Income is God's and He Asks Us to Return a 10% Tithe

God asks us to return a tithe. To do so recognizes Him as the Owner of all creation. This is not a financial transaction but an expression of faith and a matter of simple honesty. He designed it to be a blessing to us

and to others. 

The tithe is foundational to His work and our participation makes it the greatest source of funding to advance God’s mission. The purpose of the tithe is for the spreading of the gospel. Most of it stays in your local conference, ”the storehouse,” to support pastors, education and evangelism. From there the tithe is used to advance God’s work throughout the world at the Union, Division and General Conference levels. Tithing is divinely ordained by God and faithfulness to this practice is designed to be a blessing to us.

What to give via your phone?

Download the Adventist mobile app free

on iTunes or Google Play. 


We believe that it's important for a church family to work together, across the generations. This includes everyday discipleship such as inviting friends or family to church, listening and showing compassion, sharing our sermons on Facebook, ministering to our community together, and even forwarding event invitations. We all have talents and skills that can be used to spread the gospel. If you want to be involved and help out, there is a place for you. Click below to learn more about the opportunities at Reaching Hearts Church.