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Join us for 10 days of prayer as we prepare for the Grand Dedication of Reaching Hearts International Church. Let's unite in prayer each day at 7:00 pm, wherever you are, from Wednesday, January 8 to Friday, January 17. Review the schedule below for daily prayer requests and topics.

Daily Prayer Request Schedule:

January 8 - Thanksgiving, Praise and Honor to GOD for His Countless Blessings

January 9 - Gratitude to God for Answered Prayers with the Building of our Church

January 10 - God's Cleansing and Forgiveness of our Sins

January 11 - Love and Forgiveness toward One Another

January 12 - Humbleness/Meekness in our lives and Unity among our Church Family

January 13 - Outpouring of the Holy Spirit in our lives to use our Spiritual Gifts

January 14 - Outpouring of the Holy Spirit on our Radio Broadcast

January 15 - Serving Others, Evangelism and Community Outreach

January 16 - God to continue to Bless and Lead in RHI Ministries

January 17 - Pastors, Leaders, Families and Children in our Congregation

(Also, Pray Every Day For Good Weather)

Reaching Hearts International
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