Pastor Michael Oxentenko, Senior Pastor

Michael David Oxentenko grew up in the Appalachian foothills near Galax, Virginia. At the age of fifteen, he was sponsored and left home for a  boarding school in North Carolina to pursue a better education. There he was miraculously reunited with his estranged father who led him to Christ before passing away. Inspired by the faith and witness of his father, he fully committed his life to Jesus Christ and the study of the Bible. As a young adult, Michael Oxentenko toured churches in the south preaching the Word of God and directing people to Jesus Christ as the only answer to life’s problems. Pastor Mike has been pastoring churches for over twenty years, helping to grow congregations along multi-ethnic lines.

Pastor Micah Davis, Youth and Family Ministry

Micah Davis is a gifted musician, expositor of Scripture, and innovator in youth ministry. He is constantly seeking ways to deepen the impact of the message of Christ and the Bible in the lives of young people by addressing their core spiritual, psychological, and emotional needs. Pastor Davis has broadened his ministry over the years to strengthening families, because he knows that a spiritually active and healthy family is essential to the spiritual development of youth. He has dedicated his life to helping young people discover what it means to be a Christian, both theologically and through character building experiences, as well as equipping them to occupy fulfilling and meaningful ministries in the church.

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