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Reaching Hearts for Kids (RHK), is a humanitarian outreach of Reaching Hearts International, Inc. and RHI church and ministry. We at RHK have partnered with the Alaska Conference of Seventh-day Adventists’ Arctic Mission Adventure project to reach native American children who are in need of meals, food, clothing, shelter, summer camp activities, and education. Tandy Perkins, the director for the conference outreach, expressed her appreciation to all the ministry supporters for helping in the recent fundraising drive of $100,000 for the Alaska organization. Thanks to you and your help, Reaching Hearts for Kids (RHK) contributed $10,000 toward the goal of helping the Alaska children in need. Reaching Hearts for Kids (RHK) has made a huge difference in the lives of many children around the world need of food, shelter, education, healthcare, and clothing. We thank you for your generous help in this ministry. Please continue to support this worthy cause with your continued prayers and financial contributions for Reaching Hearts for Kids (RHK).


Here is a small excerpt from Tandy Perkin’s letter of appreciation on behalf of the children with a small clip of her communication to our RHK supporters.

“Your generous gift of $10,000…enabled us to provide a camp experience to Native kids. Pastor Mike, I am reaching out to you and Reaching Hearts International to ask for your continued support for Alaska Native camps.”

Every day, kids in Alaskan native villages face enormous challenges. With your support, space places and programs can be a priority for Artic Mission Adventure Project (AMA) to champion Alaska Native children through these extreme challenges. 


At the request of a student missionary, Jessica Kovach, Reaching Hearts for Kids gave a large sum of money to be used to add fun, yet spiritual elements to the girls' lives. In addition to the donation, a group visited Keep Girls Safe (KGS) for a few days to deliver some of the books and games. The girls loved unwrapping the books. Since Christmas, and especially on Sabbaths, the girls spent a portion of nearly every day playing games or creating stories from a large Bible felt set. 


Samraong SDA Church and School

Reaching Hearts for Kids donated $800 to provide sound and computer equipment to the Samraong Seventh-day Adventist Church and School. 


There are 101 students in the school, 52 girls and 49 boys with 8 teachers. As minors, these students cannot make the decision to get baptized, especially if their parents are Buddhists. However, thanks to prayer and the work of the Holy Spirit, three graduates of the Samraong school were baptized in 2020 after reaching an age where they could decide freely. We praise God because we know that while the children are given a Christian education, it is only through the conviction of the Holy Spirit that they were led to baptism.

Pr. Sophorn is dedicated to nurturing the students. He runs an excellent Pathfinder and outreach program for young people. The baptisms and the openness of the students’ hearts to the gospel of Jesus are a true miracle. During this time the Christian community experienced spiritual attacks.

In the past few months, some villagers spread negative rumors about the school and the teachers, discouraging parents from enrolling their children by saying “Kids are forced to get baptized as Christians in that school.” These rumors were a sore trial for the teachers and a real threat to school enrollment. Daily prayers were raised for deliverance from the false accusations.

All of this transpired during the COVID-19 pandemic, adding stress to the teachers and students as they transitioned to online learning. Slow internet service made online lessons difficult to prepare, requiring more effort from the teachers to provide quality instruction.

Between the rumors and the COVID quarantine, the teachers felt stretched to their limit. Yet they did not give up persisting in prayer. In answer to their prayers, parents are still sending their children to school, despite all of the rumors. One of the verses that the teachers claimed for strength during this trial was Joshua 1:9 “Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.”

We praise the Lord for His sustaining power and faithful teachers who are "instant in prayer". Romans 12:12

Reaching Hearts International
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