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Daniel 1 

DANIEL ONE (2 PARTS): Bible prophecy is not a mystery. Bible prophecy can be understood. This bible study on Daniel chapter 1 (in two parts) will introduce the theme for the entire book of Daniel and provide the framework to compare literal, ancient, geographic Israel to the spiritual, global church today. Just as God’s people went into captivity into literal, ancient, geographic Babylon and came out, so too, God is bringing His global church out of spiritual, end-time Babylon. Babylon means confusion and God is now restoring His church and bringing them out of confusing, conflicting doctrines to prepare His people for His soon return! You will also learn about the significance of names in the Bible and their meanings to prepare for a later study where you will be able to identify the exact meaning and significance of the mark of the beast and how it contrasts with the name of God (watch our Revelation 13 Mark of the Beast Bible Study). In addition, you’ll understand the significance of Daniel’s decision not to defile himself and how it directly applies to our own daily decisions. Lastly, we’ll cover the day-year principle to accurately interpret bible time prophecies and what that means for us today.  

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