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Daniel 10 & 11

DANIEL TEN AND ELEVEN (2 PARTS): The year is 536-535 B.C., and it is the end of the 70 years of Babylonian captivity for ancient Israel. Daniel has been fasting and praying for three weeks when he once again finds himself in vision. The angel Gabriel revisits Daniel to give him an explanation of the 2300-day prophecy, which covers what will happen to his people in the latter days. These prophetic scriptures involve both the ancient nation of Israel and future spiritual Israel, the church. More specifically, Gabriel explains the other vision that Daniel saw in Daniel chapter 8, the Chazown. In this Bible study, we’ll unpack how both visions of Daniel chapter 8 (Mareh and Chazown) are historically related and provide a framework to accurately interpret Daniel chapter 11. Daniel 11 is considered one of the most difficult passages to understand in all of the Bible. This lesson will guide you through a verse by verse explanation of Daniel 11 and equip you with the necessary knowledge to accurately interpret the word of God. You’ll also learn who the kings of the north and south are, and how their conflicts affect God’s people. God wants His people to be encouraged and firmly planted in these prophecies so that they will be ready for the final days of earth’s history. In these chapters, you’ll once again witness the rise and fall of world empires and see how they come to their fulfillment with the Second Coming of Christ.

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