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Daniel 12

DANIEL TWELVE (2 PARTS): Daniel is instructed to seal up and conceal the message that Gabriel has just delivered to him until the end of time. He then sees three other angelic beings, one on each bank of the river Tigris, and a third dressed in linen standing above the waters of the river. The one in linen speaks to Daniel about a time prophecy regarding the holy people of God in end times. Daniel wants to understand and asks: how long until the end of the wonders? But he is not given an explanation. Instead, he is told once again that the words are concealed and sealed up until the end of time when knowledge will increase. However, Daniel hears about two more time prophecies that are respectively 1290 and 1335 days. What is the significance of this chapter and these two additional time prophecies? Why is Daniel told to seal up the words? Discover exactly what this conversation is all about and how all the time prophecies of Daniel are related. There is vital information in Daniel chapter 12 that links us to Revelation chapter 10, providing a clear understanding of the meaning of this prophetic material. God wants His people ready and armed with these truths prior to Christ’s second coming!

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