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Daniel 2 

DANIEL TWO (3 PARTS): God wants His church to understand Bible prophecy and be prepared for Christ’s soon return. God gave King Nebuchadnezzar a dream to communicate God’s timeline for human history. The mysterious dream troubled the king and none of his wise men could provide him answers. However, Daniel was given wisdom by God to make the dream of the statue known to the king and interpret it. We’ll see that spiritual wisdom only comes from God and that the worldly wisdom from men cannot understand spiritual matters. The meaning and interpretation of the dream gives us encouragement and hope that God is very soon about to establish His eternal kingdom forever. We'll cover the rise and fall of world kingdoms from the Neo-Babylonian empire to today. This lesson provides the framework for eschatology (a fancy name for the study of end-times or how the world will end) and will lay the foundation to go into deeper studies in Daniel and Revelation.

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