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Daniel 5

DANIEL FIVE (2 PARTS): Babylon falls to the Medo-Persian Empire on October 12, 539 B.C.  This Bible study on Daniel chapter 5 is about what happens the night that Babylon fell. We’ll examine the king’s pride, his debauchery, and how he flatly rejects the true and living God for wood and stone idols that cannot see or hear. During Belshazzar’s feast, a hand appears out of nowhere and writes out a decree that only Daniel can interpret. We’ll see that the writing on the wall is a judgment on king Belshazzar and his kingdom. What happened in literal, physical, ancient Babylon is a foretaste of what will happen in spiritual world-wide Babylon. We’ll examine the details of this story and compare scripture with scripture between the Old Testament and the book of Revelation. We’ll understand that the same pattern emerges because God wants His people to recognize the signs of the approaching end times—what must happen before the fall and complete destruction of spiritual Babylon. Babylon means confusion and God is bringing His church out of confusing and conflicting doctrines. God’s people will come out of spiritual Babylon before its final destruction and be prepared for the soon return of Jesus Christ. 

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