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Daniel 6

DANIEL SIX (2 PARTS): Daniel is a very old man and nearing the end of his life. Despite his age he continues to distinguish himself as an exceptionally wise and skillful civil servant. His extraordinary abilities prompt King Darius to place him over the whole of his kingdom which provokes bitter jealousy by his colleagues. His wicked colleagues devise a scheme to trick the king and force him to throw Daniel into a lion’s den. When King Darius realizes he has been outmaneuvered by his own laws, he is forced against his will to put Daniel in the lion’s den. Because of his faithful obedience to the Lord, an angel of God delivers Daniel from harm. The king then orders the men, who had maliciously accused Daniel, to be cast into the lion’s den with their wives and children. Before they reach the bottom, they are crushed to death by the lions. In this Bible study, we’ll examine the nature of the accusation against Daniel. This accusation provides the exact pattern of how God’s people will be accused in end-times and threatened with a death penalty. Find out how and why there will be a conflict between the laws of men and the laws of God prior to the second coming of Christ. God wants His people to be ready for this final conflict and face the future unafraid.

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