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Daniel 7

DANIEL SEVEN ( 2 PARTS): God’s throne is ablaze with flames and has wheels burning with fire. Now, that’s not what most people imagine when they think about God’s throne. However, this is exactly what we find in Daniel chapter 7. In this Bible study, we’ll discover more details from the Daniel chapter 2 prophecy regarding the rise and fall of earthly kingdoms. We’ll also witness a heavenly courtroom scene where God is seated on His fiery throne ready to execute judgment against a power that persecutes His people. We will learn how to let the Bible interpret the Bible to decipher the symbolic language of winds, seas, beasts, horns, and prophetic time periods. We’ll understand greater truth about the conflict between good and evil as well as discover the identity of the anti-Christ power (little horn power of Daniel 7). God wants His people to accurately interpret the word of God and be encouraged that Jesus Christ is receiving a kingdom before returning to the earth to gather His Church to heaven. This study is the beginning of the prophetic chapters of Daniel. It is at this point in this Bible study series that we start to dig deep to uncover even greater truth about God’s word in end times.

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