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Daniel 8

DANIEL EIGHT (3 PARTS): The 2300-day prophecy is the longest time prophecy in the Bible and one of the most significant prophecies for understanding end-time events. In this Bible study, we’re going to discover that Daniel actually sees two visions (Mareh & Chazown), and we’ll unpack how they are related. Without a clear understanding of Daniel’s visions and their connection, we cannot accurately interpret the remaining chapters in the book of Daniel nor can we confidently move on to Revelation to discern the details of end-time events. In Daniel chapter 8 we’ll see that the angel Gabriel is sent to Daniel to give him understanding. However, Daniel does not initially comprehend his visions. But, be encouraged! Like Daniel, you too can come to understand Bible prophecy and how it is relevant to us today. At the end of this Bible study, you will know with certainty what these visions are about as well as gain greater insight into the little horn power. This lesson will help anchor us in the truth that Bible prophecy is more than just history and world kingdom powers. Bible prophecy must point us to Christ. Prophecy should always shed greater light on the gospel and find their fulfillment in Jesus Christ. When we study the prophecies, we should be studying about Christ.

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