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SEVEN REASONS TO STUDY BIBLE PROPHECY FOR YOURSELF (1 PART): Why study the books of Revelation and Daniel? Why are they so important right now? What makes them stand out from the other books of the Bible? In this short video we will give you seven reasons why Bible prophecy matters. These books are not mysteries, nor are they difficult to comprehend. Anyone who sincerely wants to understand them can. If you’re looking for more than a general overview, join us for Bible prophecy explained in detail. This course digs deep into discoveries that reveal greater truth about Christ Himself, the controversy between good and evil, and what must take place before His second coming. Studying prophecy reveals this and much more. Angels in the Glen is designed to guide God’s people through the books of Daniel and Revelation, verse by verse. Each lesson builds upon the previous one to enable you to confidently and accurately know exactly what must take place during end-times and face the future unafraid.    

Reaching Hearts International
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